The Ultimate Square Edged Worktop
Worktop Care

The warranty is only valid if guidelines as described are followed:


General cleaning of the surface requires only a damp cloth & a mild detergent or non abrasive cleaner diluted in warm water. Some strong chemicals, dyes and fruit juices may harm your TopShape work surface.
In the event of spillage always wipe up, rinse & dry the area thoroughly. Do not leave liquids lying on the surface. They may seep through a joint and affect the core board.
Note: Prolonged contact with some PVC aprons may promote premature wear of the work surface. Abrasive scouring powders, creams and even polishes should all be avoided.

Wear Resistance

TopShape worktops provide a hard wearing surface. However, the surface will be damaged by scratching of sharp knives or other sharp utensils. It is recommended that a cutting board or protective mat be used when using such implements.

CAUTION HEAVY: Please use the appropriate safety clothing and lifting equipment. Protective gloves must be worn whilst handling worktops.



Things to do and things to avoid

Things To Do Things To Avoid
heat To prevent damage from hot objects, use heat resistant mats on the surface of the worktop. Always use ashtrays for cigarettes. Never place objects from the oven or hob directly onto the laminate surface since this may lead to blistering. Care should also be taken with hot irons and cigarettes.
scratching Always use a chopping board for preparing food. Some crockery items, kitchen utensils and other objects sliding across your worktops will produce fine scratches in the laminate. Try to avoid sliding rough based objects across the surface. Never cut foodstuffs directly on the laminate surface.
moisture Wipe spilt liquids away from joints and cut-outs immediately. Ensure that all inset appliances are properly sealed with a suitable waterproof silicone sealant. Moisture will not harm the laminate surface itself but it is advisable to wipe away any spillages as soon as possible. The critical areas are around joints and cut-outs.

Lifetime Warranty:

TopShape worktops have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The manufacturer undertakes to make good by repair and/or replacement (at its own discretion) any worktop shown to have failed by any reason of defects in design, materials or workmanship. This warranty is subject to fair wear and tear and providing that the installation, care and maintenance instructions have been followed and that the product has been properly used for its intended purpose.

This undertaking is in addition to the consumers’ statutory rights and does not affect those rights in any way. This warranty covers domestic installations only. No claims for replacement costs will be entertained if the worktop is not fully inspected before fitting.